Whether renovating an existing structure or designing a new winery, a reverence for time and context is central to all we do. Remnants of buildings, landscape and other natural features are themselves a record of time. We approach every project with the humble acknowledgement that our architecture and design will contribute indelibly to that record. The process of arriving at original, tailored solutions—sketching, reflecting, interrogating, refining — takes time. Realizing them in the world takes close collaboration with visionary clients, and a team of other creative professionals, talented engineers and builders.

Residential architecture and design projects span typologies from a wine cave to renovations to newly constructed ranch homes. On one end of the spectrum is the Hill Country Wine Cave, a private wine cellar and tasting room created within an unassuming limestone hillside at the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country.

The other end of the residential spectrum includes projects like Ridge Oak, a major renovation of a mid-century gem, where we take particular care to respect the original architect’s design while pushing it forward in accordance with the owners’ wishes.

Hill Country Wine Cave

Texas Hill Country

In Progress: Junction Ranch

Junction, Texas

Ridge Oak Residence

Austin, Texas

Balcones Residence

Austin, Texas

In Progress: Old Creek Ridge

Cayucos, California

Muskin Row Homes

Austin, Texas

In Progress: Cayucos Ridge Barn

Cayucos, California

Clarksville Residence

Austin, Texas

In Progress: Keala Ranch

Kauai, Hawaii

Travis Heights Residence

Austin, Texas

In Progress: Rancho Carrizo

Wilson County, Texas

In Progress: Fernwood Residence

Bethesda, Maryland

Brackenridge Residence

Austin, Texas