Hiatus Spa

The Historic Pearl | San Antonio, Texas

Hiatus Spa + Retreat takes a fresh approach to wellness and regular relaxation, empowering everyone to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.¬†In a collaboration with this experienced spa operator, we created a light, airy interior that is still solidly¬†grounded in the visual context of the Pearl. Steel accents in the entry allude to Pearl’s industrial history, while a thinner gauge lightens their feel. Triangular tile glazed in brand colors offers a new interpretation of San Antonio’s ubiquitous encaustic concrete tile. Stone and wood in light, natural tones run throughout the space to create an overall sense of calm that supports the guest experience.

Project Credits:
Architecture: Clayton Korte
Interior Design: Clayton Korte
General Contractor: Metropolitan Construction

Molly Culver

Hiatus Spa