April 22, 2021 – We can’t think of a better hideaway than a custom wine cave tucked into the hillside.

With storage enough for 4000 bottles of wine in the expansive private cellar located at the back of the cave, this Texas Hill Country Wine Cave is truly a wine lover’s private paradise.

Located at the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country, this private wine cave serves as a destination along a secluded bend of the Blanco River. Excavated into the north face of a solid limestone hillside, this shotcrete-lined tube is protected on the east and west by tall oak and elm trees, allowing it to nearly disappear within the native landscape. The unassuming exterior entry court reveals a bit of mystery as it provides just a glimpse of what lies within.  The experience is akin to wandering upon a door to a fairytale wonderland (although this secret door leads to a land filled with tasty bottles of wine).

Texas Hill Country Wine Cave | A Trove of Treasures Nestled into the Hillside