The places that draw us in, the ones that make us want to stay awhile and return to again and again are not the result of great architecture alone. The places that capture our imaginations, inspire contemplation and connection with others are the product of strong vision, responsiveness to context, intentional design, and a symphony of interdisciplinary contributions that usher them into the world. Clayton Korte creates places that celebrate their environment and exalt the human experience at the intersection of architecture, interiors, authenticity, and craft.

What began as a small architecture practice in 1983 has evolved into a firm today that includes interior design and brand services with offices in Austin and San Antonio. Though our Texas roots run deep, work on hospitality, winery, ranch, and residential projects regularly take us to distant points outside the Lone Star State.

Some firms draw a bright line where architecture stops and interior design starts. At Clayton Korte, we have a more fluid approach. The moment one steps inside of a building, interior design becomes integral to a place. From the tile on the walls to the finish of the floors, to the proportion and scale of the furniture, every detail contributes to the overall experience.

Clayton Korte architects and designers push design conversations forward by using the same tools — sketches, drawings — to develop their understanding of a space and solve for its needs. In this way, we ensure the intent behind the architecture and interiors coheres. Whether our own interior designers are providing full-service or our clients bring their own interior designer to a project, we prefer to work as part of a team that agrees each discipline’s contribution heightens the others.





At its core, Clayton Korte fosters a culture of design excellence and an ethos of constant improvement through professional development, mentorship, and other means of growth. Our open studio environment guides our firm culture, leveraging each person’s unique passion and talent, driving each other to create great architecture and design. Beyond our desks, team members engage in both office and community activities like celebrating each other’s achievements and life events, participating in design pin-up discussions and bike-to-work challenges, serving on local and industry boards, and taking time to enjoy the beautiful, surrounding central Texas landscape.

Though our portfolio is diverse, our uncompromising desire for quality and commitment to excellence unify our approach. These concepts are at the heart of the firm’s philosophy and guide us as we strive to create enduring architecture and design that reflect a direct response to context and client goals. We are grateful for our clients’ trust, and for the many talented collaborators, craftspeople, and artisans who help bring our work into the world. We are honored that our work has garnered over 70 awards for design excellence to date; the recognition only reinforces our commitment to our core principles.