Mattie’s at Green Pastures

Austin, Texas

Green Pastures is a 5.5-acre, wooded site in south Austin and has been a favorite gathering place for good food and celebration since the 1895 Victorian home was converted to Austin’s first racially integrated restaurant in 1946—at the height of the Jim Crow era. Generational family ownership came to an end in 2005 when the beloved landmark property sold to a new owner.

Mattie’s at Green Pastures is the complete re-imagining of a 70-year-old family-run institution within a 120-year-old Victorian home. With a restaurant and separate event space, the newly renovated Green Pastures offers two distinct guest experiences. Creating entry points for each and upholding the tradition of Green Pastures’ legendary hospitality were the project’s central aims.

The newly renovated structure welcomes guests with separate entrances to the Cotillion Room, the event space, and to Mattie’s, the restaurant named for one of its original owners, Martha “Mattie” Miner Faulk, along with new outdoor patios, a bar, and a restroom pavilion to accommodate large events. Additional renovations include restored wood detailing throughout the original building, complete updates to the event space, the commercial kitchen, and a new lift with a repurposed original door that provides second level accessibility.