Potchernick’s Cerveceria

San Antonio, Texas

Potchernick’s Sporting Goods operated from 1904 to 1991 and was the second oldest continuously operating sporting goods store in the United States. Vacant since its closing, this historic building will be reimagined into a new restaurant, cerveceria, and urban path. The sight and smells from the street level Comales draw customers in for a quick bite; and a monumental ramp stretching the length of the building connects San Antonio’s Historic Riverwalk to the downtown streetscape, reminiscent of an old paseo that once was.

Skylights along the ramp and steel windows illuminate the well-worn D’hanis clay block, concrete and stucco walls, while new interior glass walls showcase beaming stainless steel brewing tanks, the heart of the functional brewery for the cerveceria. Carving out the floor along the river, a two-story high space reveals the existing structure and extends natural light deep into the building creating a bright and lively space for visitors to enjoy tacos and beer.