February 9, 2022

New Partner and Associates at Clayton Korte

We are pleased to share several promotions within Clayton Korte. Each of these individuals has demonstrated their commitment to the firm and to creating places that celebrate the environment and the human experience.

George Wilcox, AIA, has been promoted to Partner. Charlotte Baham, AIA; Sky Currie, Assoc. AIA; Camden Greenlee, AIA; Travis Greig, AIA; Erica Quinones, AIA; and German Spiller have been elevated to Associates.

The Associates, together with the Partners, are responsible for continuing to raise the level of excellence across design, project standards and management, initiatives, and sustainability practices. As such, they are critical to Clayton Korte’s next chapter.


George Wilcox, AIA, Partner
With more than two decades of experience as an architect, he is a natural mentor who is generous with his knowledge and technical expertise. To scale that expertise firm-wide, he helps drive operations and standards development. George has led many of Clayton Korte’s large, complex projects, and is adept at keeping the many parts in motion while fostering a warm spirit across the team.


Charlotte Baham, AIA, Associate
Charlotte’s attention to detail, drive toward accuracy, and commitment to thoroughness make her an exemplar of rigor. Combined with her collected yet assertive manner, she is a role model for aspiring leaders.


Sky Currie, Assoc. AIA, Associate
Sky is a steward of excellent design and an expert navigator of complex code and city processes. His ability to break down complicated ideas and tirelessly search for the best solution endear him to clients and staff alike.


Camden Greenlee, AIA, Associate
Cam is a highly skilled designer who champions excellence as well as building performance at Clayton Korte. As a former professor, he is a natural mentor and capable leader of the firm’s internship program.


Travis Greig, AIA, Associate
Travis’ steady hand in leadership as a technically adept, thorough architect is a great advantage to less experienced staff. An artist and scientist at heart, his balanced skillset confers benefit to complex projects.


Erica Quinones, AIA, Associate
Erica’s easy confidence and leadership style promote inclusion firm-wide. She is committed to creating and implementing sustainable architecture and practices, and to developing younger staff.


Germán Spiller, Associate
Germán brings rigor and sophistication to his work as well as others in design reviews. His nearly two decades of experience, including time running a practice with his wife in Nicaragua, make him a strong collaborator.