February 24, 2021

Partner Profile: Nathan Quiring, AIA

Nathan Quiring, AIA, has been a valuable member of the team at Clayton Korte for the past fifteen years. In addition to a balanced portfolio of residential and commercial projects, Nathan leads public works architecture projects which support Clayton Korte’s interest in enhancing public spaces and bringing communities together. Nathan’s grasp of the nuances of architecture and design, their impact on people, and the way he applies this understanding to his works is evident.

Nathan’s approach to architecture is inclusive and community-based. He upholds the belief that all people can and should benefit from well-designed spaces.

When asked about what originally drew him to architecture, Nathan responded, “People are affected by the environment around them, for better or worse. Thoughtful architecture has an impact on people’s lives, as fleeting and imperceptible as it often may be.” He added, “Public works serve a broad audience, and I want to share the benefits of a good built environment with as many people from all walks of life as possible.”

Nathan’s approach to architecture and design is rooted in his belief that it should be “of a place,” Nathan develops design “in relation to its context and the environment.” Taking into account all details, both macro and micro, Nathan’s attention to detail is the hallmark of his professional career and is evident in every project he oversees.

From in progress projects such as Fiesta Gardens and Pease Park both in Austin, Texas, and Lone Star Circle of Care in Taylor, Texas, to notable completed works like San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, Texas; Mack Dick Pavilion at Palo Duro Canyon State Park in the Texas Panhandle, and Mother Neff State Park in Moody, Texas, Nathan continues to create outstanding projects that serve the public. Thanks to his attention to detail, he only leaves stones unturned if they accentuate the environment of the site. Nathan has mastered the art of working with a given place, as opposed to against it, resulting in striking, sustainable architecture.

Because no two projects are alike, Nathan adds, “each responds to a unique combination of user needs and context.” By making a career out of listening to the building owners, occupants, and the community and discerning their wants and needs, he has become an expert in the field.

When Nathan isn’t working with Clayton Korte, he stays busy keeping up with his 2-year-old. A music fan and musician in his own right, Nathan plays the piano, organ, and accordion. As a dedicated traveler, he looks forward to exploring new places and cultures again soon.

Nathan’s positivity, keen vision, and thoughtful designs have been a valuable addition to the Clayton Korte team.