Juniper Creek Winery

Medina, Texas

Not far from a meandering creek in the rolling landscape of the Texas Hill Country, the design for Juniper Creek Winery embraces practical elegance. Incorporating the masonry walls of an existing barn and goat shed, the winery comprises multiple spaces assembled under a large gabled roof. The intent is to create a structure that captures how a farmer would build the bare necessities to run agricultural operations—with simplicity and flexibility in mind.

Existing masonry walls enclose an entry courtyard that connects directly to a double-height fermentation room, allowing the workspace to enjoy a seamless flow between the interior and exterior. North-facing clerestory glazing brings copious natural light into the building, and curated openings in the masonry provide views of the oak trees and vineyard.

A shallow reflecting pool acts as an evaporative cooler as prevailing southeastern breezes flow through the courtyard and the building.

On the second level, a tasting space spans between existing walls providing a filtered bridge between the courtyard and fermentation room.

The covered crush and bottling deck provides flexible space for harvest activities and storage for equipment and picking bins. Direct access to the barrel storage cave portal diving into the hillside is opposite this work area.

The simple palette of robust, durable materials is available regionally and will withstand the arid climate— ensuring the project remains environmentally resilient.