Delta Kilo Horse Barn

Llano, Texas

The Llano Uplift is a geologically ancient rock formation that extends from east to west across the northern edge of the Texas Hill Country. A series of large granite bluffs, exposed over millennia of erosion, provide the backdrop for this small horse barn. The barn is positioned at the boundary between the bluffs to the north and an expansive pasture to the south. This puts the structure in the leeward shadow of the cold winter winds that roll across the central plains.

In the summer, when temperatures rise and the sun is hot, a long steel roof with generous overhangs provides ample shade. Two outdoor “porches” on the east and west allow for the barn to be occupied differently depending on the time of day. The roof pitches up to the north so that clerestory windows can be opened to ventilate the barn and keep the horses cool.

Adobe brick walls are used to form a long bar across the north elevation. This large thermal mass helps the building temper otherwise large diurnal temperature swings. The bricks are made on site using clay silts found on the property. Above these low walls is a steel pipe structure that forms the primary canopy of the barn, which is infilled with Cedar plank siding and framing. This species of wood was selected for its natural resilience to both sun and moisture. Simple framing and siding techniques make it easy to replace and repair damaged elements without specialized tools or materials.