San Gabriel Park

Georgetown, Texas

Situated along the scenic banks of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas, San Gabriel Park has served as a central community gathering place since the late 1800s. Graced with 200-year old oak trees, open fields, and hike and bike trails, the park provides a natural respite for locals and visitors. Following completion of a Master Plan by RVi to guide improvements and redevelopment, the City of Georgetown brought on a partner to design park amenities inspired by local historic architecture and the land.

Though many of the park’s existing structures needed to be replaced entirely, their character informed designs for new amenities including pavilions and restrooms. The 13 pavilions born of a simple steel frame and trellis are situated throughout the park and along the river to designate places for park goers to gather with family and friends. A well-loved vine-covered pavilion in the original park—notable for the dappled light it creates—inspired the new trellises that now define the park experience.

Each unique pavilion affords its own view and experience; some provide grills, have accessible paths, and are surrounded by grass. The unusual horizontal coursing of the stone is inspired by the limestone cliffs facing the park from the opposite bank of the San Gabriel River.