Vineyard House

Buellton, California

Stationed above 50 acres of planted vineyard and surrounded by breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, the compact T-shaped house leverages the natural slope of the hillside to place living spaces and connecting landscape at grade.

A simple layout and “right-sized” spaces feel just the same whether indoors or outdoors, assisted by positioning the bedroom wing of the house to shoulder the entertaining space from the prevailing western winds.

Private bedroom suites flank kitchen and living areas, with entertaining areas positioned at both ends. The west end of the kitchen opens up to a covered dining banquette that overlooks the vineyard “caracol” through the trees, and the eastern end includes a covered terrace with an outdoor fireplace, providing panoramic views overlooking the surrounding hillside.

Using a one room wide approach to each space and curating glazing toward broad views, allows the house to feel bigger than its modest size and to leverage its picturesque natural setting. The shed roof is sloped to the west to harness peak solar collection via roof mounted array and deep overhangs provide shading to glazing and a respite from the harsh sun over entertaining areas.

Materials meant to be warm, yet robust, speak to the other vineyard structures on the ranch, but with a more refined level of detail. Interiors are designed with finishes that are simple to maintain, and that are clean-lined, healthy, and natural based on the house’s limited use.