Backwards Sky Ranch

Texas Hill Country

In the Hill Country of Central Texas, the Backwards Sky Ranch House straddles the boundary between an open meadow to the south and the sharply carved bank of the Dry Frio River to the north.

The living spaces are perched above and run parallel to the river, offering the owners uninterrupted access and views to the river valley. To the south and west, a massive stone spine shelters these living spaces from the harsh summer sun, taking advantage of large roof overhangs and operable shade screens.

Limestone walls reflect the natural stone outcroppings on site, and the wood siding is meant to naturally patina with age, providing both a natural honesty to the structure and reduced maintenance. A central dog run porch serves as the main entry and a bridge between the living spaces and master suite.

Extending towards the river from this dog run is a long elevated “pier” that not only projects the owners and guests out into the open valley of the river but also provides a privileged perspective for stargazing. In this house, the incredible landscape is never far away.