Old Creek Ridge

Cayucos, California

Situated on a ridgeline along the Santa Lucia Range, the house reflects the owner’s desire to have a “right-sized” home that blurs the transition between indoor and outdoor living. The house is designed to embrace the temperate climate of the California Central Coast and maximize the family’s connection to the surrounding rolling oak-covered hills and nature beyond.

The entry path follows the natural fall of the land that first welcomes owners and guests into a walled oasis protected from the forest. This space acts as a threshold to a glazed foyer. With two levels of living area, the main level includes guest and service spaces with a direct connection to outdoor play terraces.

Upper-level living and sleeping spaces enjoy an added veil of privacy from the oak canopy, in effect dissolving indoor and outdoor boundaries. Composed views look to the immediate landscape, dramatic vistas toward Whale Rock Reservoir, and the coast beyond.