Whether renovating an existing structure or designing a new winery, a reverence for time and context is central to all we do. Remnants of buildings, landscape and other natural features are themselves a record of time. We approach every project with the humble acknowledgement that our architecture and design will contribute indelibly to that record. The process of arriving at original, tailored solutions—sketching, reflecting, interrogating, refining — takes time. Realizing them in the world takes close collaboration with visionary clients, and a team of other creative professionals, talented engineers and builders.

Backwards Sky Ranch

Texas Hill Country

Glencliff Residence

Austin, Texas

Fulldraw Vineyard Tasting Room

Paso Robles, California

The Albert Hotel

Fredericksburg, Texas

Junction Ranch

Junction, Texas

Herrera Law Office

Austin, Texas

McKinney & Sampson

Houston, Texas

Fiesta Gardens

Austin, Texas

Cayucos Ridge Barn

Cayucos, California

Hartford Residence

Austin, Texas


Houston, Texas

Copia Vineyards

Paso Robles, California

Potchernick’s Cerveceria

San Antonio, Texas

Veramendi House

San Antonio, Texas

Santa Ynez Valley Winery

California Central Coast

Vineyard House

Buellton, California

Old Creek Ridge

Cayucos, California

Wine Library

Templeton, California

Keala Ranch

Kauai, Hawaii

Alma Rosa Vineyard Barn

El Jabali Ranch, Buellton, California

Tilley Row Homes

Austin, Texas

Fulldraw Winery

Paso Robles, California

Fernwood Residence

Bethesda, Maryland