Whether designing a new building, adapting an existing structure, or breathing life into a space to make it reflective of its owners, a reverence for context and time is central to all we do. Remnants of buildings, landscape, and other natural features offer critical context, and are themselves a record of time. We approach every project with the humble acknowledgement that our architecture and design will contribute indelibly to that record.

The process of arriving at original, tailored solutions — sketching, reflecting, interrogating, refining — takes time. Realizing them in the world takes close collaboration with visionary clients and a team of other creative professionals, talented engineers, and builders.

Unlike many architecture firms, Clayton Korte does not have a signature style. Though projects share a similar design spirit — they are detailed, inspirational, authentic — each of the firm’s ongoing projects is unique, a one-off never again to be duplicated. With all of them, Clayton Korte seeks to keep our clients and their preferences at the center of our process and decision-making.